A good mindset is one of your most important assets when it comes to stroke recovery.

I'm sorry


This post is dedicated to all of you that kept tabs on me during my social media/blog hiatus (THANK YOU!) and those who just wonder why I disappeared for so long. In January, I never thought I’d be writing this in July. I really didn’t mean to blow you all off, it was nothing personal. […]

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Life is full of the unexpected, finding silver linings make it easier to cope. Bump after bump, Paul always manages to find a solution to save the day and a Silver Lining to save his attitude.

Bumps in the Road

Paul is back to share a couple more silver-lining stories. Finding the good in the bad can be a lifesaver or in Paul’s case, a trip saver! You can follow Paul’s Tiny Trailer Trip Adventures on Facebook (Tiny-Trailer-Trip-2015). I recently took a huge meandering trip around the US & Eastern Canada…solo. Sleeping in a tiny […]

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Stroke After Stroke; a rower’s pilgrimage written by Barb Polan is by far the best book written by a stroke survivor.

An Amazing Stroke Survivor Narrative

Since I started year 4 of fighting stroke deficits, I’ve been overdoing it.  This weekend I took a forced break (my body said “no more” and shut down).  I spent the time in bed reading a stroke survivor book.   You just have to read this book, it is by far the best book written […]

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Delving into Mindfulness

Delving into Mindfulness

I’ve always believed that meditation and mindfulness are extremely useful tools for finding peace in a crazy world. I’ve randomly practiced both. In other words, I’ve practiced half-assed, without any type of commitment. Honestly, I’ve only turned to it during my most desperate moments. In rehab, I repeatedly listened to Guided Healing Meditations with Bernie […]

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Choosing happiness is much easier when you can find the silver linings in the dark clouds. Need some help finding yours?

The Silver Linings Approach to True Happiness

I’d like to introduce you to Paul, a virtual friend who I had the pleasure of meeting in the flesh this summer even though we live 3,000 miles apart. When I joined Paul’s Facebook Stroke Support Group, Stroke Recovery Trials & Tribulations (what a great group name!), I quickly realized he lives the way I have […]

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The frustrations of stroke are endless. What started as a great day quickly turned into a challenging one. Stroke brain took over and refused to cooperate.

Damn Brain!

On Friday mornings, Freddy and I go to breakfast and are at acupuncture at 8:00am. I’m up at 5:30 to shower and get ready. We just started doing this about 2 months ago when my fabulous neighbor bought me a transport chair to leave in my car. I can drive but I can’t manage the […]

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