My Broken Brain

My personal experiences as I navigate my way down the recovery path.

I'm sorry


This post is dedicated to all of you that kept tabs on me during my social media/blog hiatus (THANK YOU!) and those who just wonder why I disappeared for so long. In January, I never thought I’d be writing this in July. I really didn’t mean to blow you all off, it was nothing personal. […]

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Limited energy and poor short-term memory due to stroke make being productive very difficult. Proper planning and consistent routines make accomplishing daily tasks much easier.

Routines after Stroke are Crucial

Daily Planning  I’ve always been a general planner, mapping out what I want to accomplish for the year, month, week or day. I’d be very flexible with my plans. Not anymore. Since the stroke, I have to create detailed plans and routines in order to accomplish anything. I need them to remember and to create the […]

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An obsession with people watching.

An Obsession with People Watching

We do our weekly shopping on Saturday afternoon or Sunday mornings. We hit about 5 stores. Yes, you heard that right, 5 friggin stores for one week of groceries. None of them carries everything I want, well at least not for the price I’m willing to pay. We also go to dinner or breakfast, my […]

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3 Years Completed

Today marks my 3d year of being imprisoned in my own body. It’s been 3 long & short years since the fateful night that forever changed my life. Some survivors consider this a second chance Anniversary, a re-birthday. Some call it their Strokeversary.  I’m truly happy for them. I’m not one of them. Those words […]

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Damage to the Thalamus can cause Central Pain Syndrome, a truly horrifying rare neurological condition that causes decreased to non-existent “normal” sensation and intensified pain. An Introduction to Dejerine–Roussy Syndrome AKA.................

An Introduction to Dejerine–Roussy Syndrome AKA……………..

“Central Pain Syndrome (CPS)” aka “Thalamic Pain Syndrome” aka “Central Post-Stroke Syndrome” aka” Thalamic Syndrome” aka Posterior Thalamic Syndrome” aka “Retrolenticular Syndrome” aka “Thalamic Hyperesthetic Anesthesia” If only the medical community spent as much time researching a cure as they do naming the syndrome, we’d all be pain-free! Please take this for what it is, […]

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A hemorrhagic stroke occurs when a blood vessel in the brain breaks and leaks blood into the brain.  AKA: a Bleed