An obsession with people watching.

An Obsession with People Watching

We do our weekly shopping on Saturday afternoon or Sunday mornings. We hit about 5 stores. Yes, you heard that right, 5 friggin stores for one week of groceries. None of them carries everything I want, well at least not for the price I’m willing to pay. We also go to dinner or breakfast, my […]

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Delving into Mindfulness

Delving into Mindfulness

I’ve always believed that meditation and mindfulness are extremely useful tools for finding peace in a crazy world. I’ve randomly practiced both. In other words, I’ve practiced half-assed, without any type of commitment. Honestly, I’ve only turned to it during my most desperate moments. In rehab, I repeatedly listened to Guided Healing Meditations with Bernie […]

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3 Years Completed

Today marks my 3d year of being imprisoned in my own body. It’s been 3 long & short years since the fateful night that forever changed my life. Some survivors consider this a second chance Anniversary, a re-birthday. Some call it their Strokeversary.  I’m truly happy for them. I’m not one of them. Those words […]

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Chiropractic Adjustments can Aid Stroke Recovery Improvements are possible for years after a stroke. 3 years after the stroke, chiropractic adjustments have improved my walking and more importantly a 3-finger shoulder subluxation.

Chiropractors Can Aid Stroke Recovery

Chiropractors Do More than Neck Adjustments I have read many articles about how chiropractic neck manipulations could possibly cause strokes. I’ve also heard stroke survivors say they had their stroke after a neck manipulation.  I have no doubt that the neck adjustment was a high contributing factor for them.   Unfortunately, they scream, “stay away from […]

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Look forward to breakfast with these Quick, Easy, and Delish make ahead low-carb breakfast egg muffins!

Breakfast Egg Muffins

Hooray!  I’m finally adding a recipe!  I decided that I’m not going to worry so much about taking pictures right now.  Every time I pick a recipe to post, I forget to take pics or I just want to focus on actually completing the task. Stopping to wash & dry my hand or move something […]

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Damage to the Thalamus can cause Central Pain Syndrome, a truly horrifying rare neurological condition that causes decreased to non-existent “normal” sensation and intensified pain. An Introduction to Dejerine–Roussy Syndrome AKA.................

An Introduction to Dejerine–Roussy Syndrome AKA……………..

“Central Pain Syndrome (CPS)” aka “Thalamic Pain Syndrome” aka “Central Post-Stroke Syndrome” aka” Thalamic Syndrome” aka Posterior Thalamic Syndrome” aka “Retrolenticular Syndrome” aka “Thalamic Hyperesthetic Anesthesia” If only the medical community spent as much time researching a cure as they do naming the syndrome, we’d all be pain-free! Please take this for what it is, […]

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A hemorrhagic stroke occurs when a blood vessel in the brain breaks and leaks blood into the brain.  AKA: a Bleed