Support after Stroke

Stroke Support

Support after a stroke is crucial.  Many people find that friends and even family begin to disappear during their time of need.  Even if they don’t disappear and wonderful loving people surround you, you will find that they just don’t understand.

I mean come on, be honest, if someone tried to explain to you what life was like after a stroke, would you have really understood.

It’s something you have to experience to understand.  I live it and I don’t fully comprehend it, so often it’s very surreal. 

I know I could have never imagined anyone feeling or living the way I have been, so why would I expect those around me to understand.  I wouldn’t want them to. Understanding means they were struggling as well.  Actually, I wouldn’t want them to even if it was possible to understand without the experience. They would endlessly worry about me or feel sorry for me.  My loved ones have worried enough and pity gets me nowhere.

I’ve been lucky and have been surrounded by extremely supportive loving people from the beginning, even when I was spewing acid.   Nevertheless, I can still feel all alone in this battle.

Recovering from a stroke is a difficult struggle, to say the least, and surrounding yourself with people who understand you can make all the difference.

You have 2 main options to choose from to find other people who are living your nightmare, in-person groups or virtual (online) groups.

In-Person Support

Find a stroke support group near you! Unfortunately, I have found that the in-person support groups usually only have meetings once a month.  Definitely not often enough, especially in the beginning.  If you live in a larger city or are close to one, you could find more than one group to attend.  However, since you may not find the same people at the different groups, it could take a while to develop the connections that will really help you feel less alone.

Don’t get me wrong, local groups are great!  If you can, try one or two.

One local group sort of close to me offers a great opportunity to really get to know people.  First you can eat dinner together for a couple bucks (a spouse of a stroke survivor cooks a fabulous meal). After dinner and conversation,  there is a different speaker each month covering a variety of stroke topics.  I was only able to attend twice due to transportation issues.  I understand that now they have started having game time before dinner is served.  Awesome way to connect with others who have had or are having similar experiences.

Find a Support Group in your area Now!

Then come back and find your virtual Support Group or if getting to a local group isn’t an option just continue reading – No worries, the internet has you covered.  Hooray for technology!

Virtual Support

  Discover how virtual support groups can help with stroke recovery If I had to have a stroke in my lifetime to date, I have to say I’m pretty lucky to have had it now.  Modern technology, which pre-stroke I thought was ruining society (boy can outlooks change), has completely saved me in many ways.  Here I’m just going to talk about Virtual Support.

Not only can you meet new people and develop relationships but you can find tons of valuable information 24/7 from people who have actually experienced what you‘re experiencing.

I don’t know if you’ve realized it yet but stroke is a self-help illness.  Doctors are great resources but they have no better understanding of how to help you or what you’re going through than the rest of the non-stroke world.

There are many Facebook Groups, even more Survivor Blogs, and even some forums.

I haven’t found much on Google Plus, hopefully that will change soon.  Google Plus is a great platform.

Click on the images to find the collections.

A collection of blogs written by stroke survivors.

Support options for stroke survivor caregivers.

Support after a stroke is crucial. Find it in one of the many closed Facebook groups listed here.

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