Facebook Stroke Support Groups

Support after a stroke is crucial. Find it in one of the many closed Facebook groups listed here.

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First let me explain a little about Facebook Groups. Three types of groups exist: public, closed, and secret.

Everyone can see what's posted in Public Facebook Groups Public

When you join a public group, the group will be shown in your groups section on the left of your timeline and your activity will be public. Who can see this will depend on your personal privacy settings.

You must join Closed Facebook Groups before you can see the page. Closed

Joining a closed group means your activity will only be shown to you and the other group members that are your friends. The group does not appear in the group block on your timeline.  Your Facebook friends that are not in your group cannot see your activity.

Secret Facebook Groups are completely hidden unless you are a member. Secret

Secret groups are just that, secret. You need to be invited. They cannot be found by searching unless you are or were a member. As with closed groups, you and other group members are the only ones who can see your activity.

Benefits of Joining a Facebook Support Group

You have access to a huge number of people in the same situation as you. Members are from all over the world, you can find someone to chat with and relate to anytime of the day or night.   This is a huge plus since most of us have our days and nights reversed or just have trouble sleeping for long periods of time.
Your success is our Inspiration!

Celebrate Successes

Other members who have been in your shoes will offer encouragement, motivation, and inspiration.  Did you just accomplish something big for you but seems small in the outside world? We understand and love to celebrate your successes with you.  Your successes are inspiration. 

Find comfort, empathy, and compassion in Facebook Support Groups. Shoulder to Cry On

On the other hand, if you’re having a frustrating day and need someone to listen, understand, or cheer you up; you’ll find support, empathy, and compassion.

Help Others

Helping others helps yourself!  Letting someone know you understand, eases their loneliness.  Maybe you’ve had success with something someone else never heard of, how great to be able to provide others with another recovery tool.   

Make New Friends

Now I have a confession to make, I was a lurker for many months in many groups just absorbing the vast amounts of information.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that if that’s what helps you.  I also have to admit that once I limited my focus to just a couple of groups and started participating,   I grew by leaps and bounds.  I learned more about myself, actually made new friends, and helped others.  I felt 100% better!

Group Dynamics

As with the blogs, this list can be overwhelming.  Each group has their own nuances.  The tone is set at the top with the creator and administrators. Each group’s approach is just slightly different, they all have their own set of rules.   Groups range in size from under 100 members to over 4000.  Large groups do tend to have more posts but the small groups have just as great participation. It’s just a matter of where you feel comfortable contributing.

Join a Group

I wouldn’t recommend joining them all.  Join some, look around, and start participating at your comfort level. Then pick 1 or 2 and commit to participating regularly.   Keep joining groups until you find the ones that work for you.

Deeply committing to more than a few groups is impossible unless you spend ALL your time on Facebook.  If you’re interested in the groups I frequent, I’ll be creating a post on them in the near future. I wanted to provide a comprehensive list first since we are all different and what works for me may not work for you.

This list only contains closed groups.  There are public groups available if you are interested.  Just search Facebook for them (you must be logged into Facebook for this link to take you to the search results page).

There is no value to the order of the groups, they are just listed alphabetically.  Membership numbers and Administrators are current as of December 1, 2014. 

The group names link right to the groups, just click and then join.  

If you know of or have a group that I’ve missed please complete this form and I’ll be more than happy to add and possibly join it if you’ll have me!

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Closed Facebook Stroke Support Groups

 Alternative Health Stroke Help
40+ Members
Admins:  Beani Cecile

Awesome Stroke Survivors and Caregivers
800+ Members
Admins: Lynne M Anderson-Campbell,Connie Phipps, Angie Rice-Gaerttner, Graceful Lilly Barreca

Brain Aneurysm Survivors
6900+ Members
Admins:   Rico Principe, Lisa Robin Jones Belben

Defeating Stroke-A Support Group for Those That Had a Stroke at 55 or Less
300+ Members
Admins: Terri Lee Miller

Kicking  Strokes Ass In Words
1000+ Members
Admins:  Lorraine Gellard, Alf Garnet

Life Changes after a Stroke
800 + Members
Admins:   Alicia Jenkins

Peace Porch
500+ Members
Admins: Jodi Keen

Positive Thoughts after Stroke, TBI, ABI, Aneurysm and Other Brain Injuries
900 + Members
Admins:  Sherrie Stockton Smithers, Cathlyn Mcpherson-taylor

Positive Thoughts Chat for Stroke, TBI, ABI, Aneurysm and brain injuries

300+ Members

Admins: Sherrie Stockton Smithers, Cindy Starner, Millicent Hunter


Positive Thoughts: Survivors Who Love Animals

100+ Members

Admins: Heather Heddinger-Dix, Jeffrey Brottman, Sherrie Stockton Smithers

 Return To Work After Stroke

600+ Members

Admins:  Karen Bayly

Stroke Advice USA

300+ Members

Admins: Beani Cecile, Patrick Wolfe, Leesa Paul

The Stroke Exercise and Rehabilitation Group

2300+ Members

Admins:  Lee Cartwright

Stroke Recovery Trials & Tribulations

500+ Members

Admins: Paul Hoffman

Stroke: Research, Tools, and Therapies

300+ Members

Admins: Rick Grossman

Stroke: Support Group for People Suffering from this Illness

3200+ Members

Admins: Rachel Andrews

 Stroke Survivors

13,300+ Members

Admins: Ron Reis, Richard Bilyk

Stroke Survivor/Care Givers Vent Page

250+ Members

Admins:  Kolleen Arnold

Stroke Survivors Exercise Group

3500+ Members

Admins: Jennifer Ribbentrop, Ashley Elizabeth, Brandy Gonzalez

Stroke Survivor Sex Talk

250+ Members

Admins:  Lindsay Gill

Stroke Survivors with Young Children

250+ Members

Admins:  Kelly Burke Choquette, Ray Haug

The Stroke Coffee House

2500+ Members

Admins: Amanda Breckenridge, Kimberly Draucker Aikens, Laurie Malloy

Women Living With Stroke

1500+ Members

Admins: Stacey Klein, Gayle Vidales, Laura Pollard, Sandy Page

Young Stroke Survivors

7100+ Members

Admins: Elizabeth Apple, William Guy, Wren Fournier,
James Cooper, Greg Baynham

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