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A large collection of blogs written by stroke survivors.

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It may seem strange to include blogs in the support group category but on the ones where there is a lot of reader participation, bonds are formed and supportive relationships do develop.

Sometimes support is about finding someone to relate to, so support can also be found on blogs that do not contain comments.  You feel less alone when you find someone you can relate to, someone whose story or feelings reflect your own.

When I had my stroke nearly 3 years ago, I had an awful time finding any stroke survivor blogs to read.  Since then I have found many. Yay!

Now this list may be a bit overwhelming but the more options you have the better.  Don’t try to keep up with them all, visit them, browse a bit and find a couple that you relate to (hopefully mine is one, ).  Follow them, participate in the conversations and make some new friends.

Once you’re comfortable with blogs – Create Your Own on WordPress or Blogger for free!

With every person being different, every stroke being different, and every approach being different, there can never be too many blogs written by stroke survivors. If you have certain feelings and questions, you can bet someone else in this vast world has the same feelings and is asking the same questions.  Blogs help you find each other, as well as find support, inspiration, motivation, and helpful tips.

If you know of or have a blog that I’ve missed please complete this form and I’ll be more than happy to add it and read it of course! 

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