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Having trouble living with the pain from CPS? Learn about the non-invasive, drug free way I’m able to manage mine that may possibly work for you too.

Managing Central Pain Syndrome (CPS)

CPS is an insidious result of damage to the central nervous system.  For a more in-depth description see: An Introduction to Dejerine–Roussy Syndrome AKA…………….. CPS Management Options There is no cure and  traditional medicine provides very little relief. The best we can do is to find ways to bring the pain down to a manageable level.  Typical pain […]

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A simple overview of the TDP Mineral Lamp aka the “Miracle” or “Magic” Lamp; its origin, how it works, uses, & contraindications.

TDP Far Infrared Lamp – A Quick Overview

The TDP lamp was invented and is manufactured in China. I have been unable to find direct sources of information. The following is an overview based on a general consensus of US-based acupuncturists and natural healing specialists. Read about my experience with the “Magic“ Lamp: Managing Central Pain Syndrome (CPS). Origin of the TDP Lamp […]

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Chiropractic Adjustments can Aid Stroke Recovery Improvements are possible for years after a stroke. 3 years after the stroke, chiropractic adjustments have improved my walking and more importantly a 3-finger shoulder subluxation.

Chiropractors Can Aid Stroke Recovery

Chiropractors Do More than Neck Adjustments I have read many articles about how chiropractic neck manipulations could possibly cause strokes. I’ve also heard stroke survivors say they had their stroke after a neck manipulation.  I have no doubt that the neck adjustment was a high contributing factor for them.   Unfortunately, they scream, “stay away from […]

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A contraindication is a specific situation in which a drug, procedure, or surgery should not be used because it may be harmful to the person.