Transitioning to Healthier Eating

Dropping unhealthy eating habits and creating healthy ones is often difficult. Finding ways to make healthy eating transitions easier results in less stress and greater success.

I started to comment on a thread in our Healthy Living for Stroke Survivors Facebook Group (feel free to follow the link & join us) but my comment got so long I decided to create a new thread instead. Then that became too long too, so here I am writing a blog post. Thankfully, cutting & pasting makes changing up easy and blogging gives me a place to ramble on……..

The article Bob shared and I wanted to comment on was:

What the Heck is THIS Doing in Your Ranch Dressing? (A Healthy Organic Ranch Recipe)

From Bottled Salad Dressing to Homemade

We all LOVED Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing, who doesn’t? It’s thick & creamy yummy goodness.

A little over a year ago, we all (Me, Freddy, Danny, Tommy, Auntie Randi, & my friend Rachel) completed the Standard Process 21-Day Purification Program. I had been gradually making eating habit changes over the years but completing the program left me with a few permanent changes I didn’t expect.

The one relevant to this post is making my own salad dressing. The purification was very limiting and bottled dressing, even organic, was not on the menu. Homemade Ranch wasn’t either. However, after 21 days of making program approved dressings I figured why not make others too.  After reading that article as well as others along the way, I know it was a good choice.

It is so easy to make your own dressings; I don’t understand why it took me 48 years to make them myself. It’s also cheaper to make your own. I make bulk Italian and Ranch mixes so it only takes a couple of minutes, even for me, to throw together dressing.

It’s a taste adjustment at first, but you get used to and even begin to prefer the difference.

My sister transitioned to making her own about a year ago. Her kids (6 & 10 yrs old), hated it at first so she would mix bottled with her own and gradually transitioned. The other day the 10 yr old had bottled dressing somewhere & hated it!

From Diet Coke to Water

8 years ago I drank a case of diet coke every day and a half. My veins contained more diet coke than blood. For whatever reason (long forgotten now), I decided to start drinking water.

Good thing I stumbled upon True Lemon because I HATED water, probably more than my nieces hated homemade dressing. I rarely drank water (what I really mean is close to NEVER).

Adding the crystallized lemon made transitioning to water so much easier. It took years of carrying those packets with me wherever I went to switch completely over to plain water but that’s ok; it’s only crystallized lemon. They also make orange, lime, and grapefruit but I stuck with lemon.

After the stroke, I even started drinking most of my water at room temperature, which as rumor has it, is better for you. Warm is actually even better. I had heard that for years but I could only tolerate water super cold even with the crystallized lemon.

A couple of articles on drinking warm vs. cold water:

Which Is Better: Drinking Cold Or Warm Water?

Health Benefits Of Warm Water: 6 Ways Drinking Warm Water Can Heal Your Body

I began drinking it at room temperature during those many months when I spent the majority of my days in bed, living on Skinny Pop popcorn. (See: Insanity Reigns) It was – drink it warm or drag my ass out to the kitchen and well…….. That was just too much work.

Now I actually enjoy it tepid and usually only drink one cold bottle a day.

About every 6 months or so, I have the opportunity to try a diet coke. It’s so totally gross to me now. It’s thick heavy sludge, doesn’t come close to quenching thirst, and tastes awful.  I now easily drink 80-96 ounces of water a day and actually crave it (Who ever could have imagined that, definitely not me).

It really comes down to what we are used to tasting. When you’re used to processed foods, fresh seems tasteless and boring. When you adjust to fresh and natural, processed foods taste fake and disgusting.

Have you made any transitions to healthier whole foods? If yes, what methods did you use to make the transition easier?Till next time - Have Wonderful Days - Leslie




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2 Responses to Transitioning to Healthier Eating

  1. Barb Polan November 14, 2015 at 6:32 am #

    I made the same transition from Diet Coke to water when I had the stroke. My enabler was a penguin seltzer maker my sister gave us. And fresh lemon chunks (the best I can do).

    For dressing, I usually just sprinkle oil and vinegar on it and toss. My sister sometimes uses lemon instead of vinegar. It all works. And the easy part is that I don’t have to read the freaking labels. That’s one of my preferences – to not have to read labels.

    • Leslie November 14, 2015 at 11:56 am #

      I’m with you there on reading labels. A definite benefit to eating whole foods is there aren’t many labels. I just wish I could completely transition. One day I’ll get there.

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